TacehT’s Tribal Sessions: STO Season 7 Launch Thursday 15th 12am pst/ 3am est

To all the Unfers out there.

Star trek Online Season 7 is here.

I will be helping out Subspace Radio with the 24/7 coverage for this long awaited Season! I will be bringing rare appearance of  Tribal Sessions with some soothing beats to keep the early morning players grooving and awake to enjoy Season 7.  So join me for this rare addition of Tribal sessions. 11-15 12am pst/3am est. also more upcoming shows to  mark your calendars!

 Tribal Sessions: STO-Celebration of Season 7 Launch
TimeThursday 11/15/12 12am pst (2am cst/3am est) 0800 GMT


Upcoming Shows

Thanksgiving Friday Night Delight:
TimeFriday 11/23/12 8pm pst (10pm cst/11pm est) 0400 GMT

Nothing to do… but want something to do … well ill be around Friday Night Delight bring you a Gobble Gobble of unfs 🙂 come join me !! good times await!