About TacehT

Tac’ehT  Creator of online shows Night Shift, EDM vs IDM ,and Red Deck Diaries, Five Journeys Series Mix tape Series. Founder of True Deep Moment|TDM Collective

DJ specializing in deep-house ∙ tech-house ∙ tribal-house ∙ techno ∙ minimal 

She is also a produces and digital artist whose work can be seen at Deviant Art and Flickr in addition to (taceht.com). She currently Owner if “External Radio” (externalradio.com), and CO/Founder of TDMCollective (True Deep Movement)  Also can be found on Stream.me/TacehT for Live Digital Events and Mixcloud (www.mixcloud.com/TacehT)  House-Mixes house-mixes.com/TacehT or listen to TacehT here..on this website just go to Music Posts/News

TacehT has been on many guest appearances and Radio Stations like  Subspace Radio subspace-radio.net , KPR Kirtang Pirate Radio and Budgie Collective  budgiecollective.com and RedirectRadio.com

Past: Tac’ehT began producing her own music in 1996 and after her first DJ gig in 1998 at an ambient room house party became hooked on spinning the decks for a live audience. Having participated in the rave scene since 1993, she then pointed her turntable talents in that direction. From 1998 through 2001, she partnered with companies Thrill Pill and Hazy Days, Purple Dimension based in Dallas TX and joined a pioneering group of DJs in the Texas Rave Scene that has since evolved from an illicit underground culture into a mainstream phenomenon.