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Category: Music

Panties Exclusive set 8-28-16

This is dedicated to a good friend of mine (you know who you are!) however this is also for others to enjoy the Panties Exclusive for more information subscribe to […]

2014 Holiday Mix (Winter Set)

for more information  subscribe  to my twitter for more updates when i will be doing live shows @TacehT TacehT on Youtube TacehT on DJ […]

New Set By TacehT 9-25-14

New set uploaded available. you can listen to the new set in the following sites. This set has a dark,grunge,experimental feel but it does tell a story if you listen. […]

Upcoming events with TacehT

Well first been doing allot of work on External Radio, we have new djs and more signing up. New video settings allot of options for anyone who want online entertainment […]

TacehT’s current and up coming events!

October 22nd, Beats for Breasts by Mixify Girls October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So the Mixify Girls decided to team up and raise money for cancer!! On October 22nd, […]

October 22nd, Beats for Breasts by Mixify Girls on

Awesome Event October 22nd, Beats for Breasts by Mixify Girls come check out the line up and RSVP Now! Here are the links for each DJ’s event: […]

Night Shift With TacehT EP: Sunday Night Delight

If you missed Tonight’s Night Shift Sunday Night Delight show its downloadable thank you everyone who hung out and supported see you guys soon more events to be announced. […]