LoFi Underground Podcast

LoFi Underground is a techno podcast including minimal techno,dark techno, deep techno, industrial techno. Perfect for all techno lovers. . LoFi Underground is a podcast with no limits, its for […]

Zeme Fest (Djs for WWF)

ZEME Twitch Festival. Brought to you by True Deep Movement (TDM Collective). I have asked 3 twitch communities to join me to help raise money to give back to the […]

TacehT-Deep Tech Minimal 11-28-18

TacehT-Deep Tech Minimal 11-28-18 Just blowing off some steam… with some deep tech house, and minimal techno and deep techno, music for the mind and soul, thank you for listening […]

Night Shift ft TacehT EP: behind the twitch 11-4-18

Night Shift ft TacehT EP: behind the twitch 11-4-18 Deep Techno, mixed with melodic sounds, with soothing vocals. this set is perfect for any time. catch live shows on Sundays on https://taceht.net/taceht-live-video/ […]

Five Journeys Vol 4 Mix Tape Series

Five Journeys Vol 4 Mix Tape Series was mixed live and recorded from musicalforce.net I had a blast, it was good to plus some really deep dark tracks that got […]

TacehT Night Shift EP: Behind the Curtain

TacehT Night Shift EP: Behind the Curtain 10-7-18 is about pulling back what is hidden. Dark Techno, Deep Techno, with some deep tech house. music for the mind and soul, thank […]

TacehT – Something To Do -9-23-18

  This is just something i felt like doing, trying out new tracks live set was record from www.stream.me/taceht you can also download it here TacehT @ house-mixes.com Thank you for listening […]

Kirtang Pirate Radio(KPR) Guest Show 9-1-18

Kirtang Pirate Radio(KPR) My Guest Show appearance streamed live in game Star Trek Online. Had a Blast djing for the awesome STO Fans and Gamer’s always a pleasure to hangout with […]