TacehT live set CADance Party vs MilkDrop via winamp

Ok first off i want to thank MilkDrop via winamp for the Effects lol because im to lazy to really make a video 😛 but winamp does give it that old acid program look hahahah.

Cosmic Abyss Dance Party Was live on http://Subspace-radio.net 2.4.11
with DJ TacehT (vdj + on decks) aka ME with Co-Hoster DJ Creamy

( I *re-recorded & re-mixed* all songs were remixed live *warning SOME of the songs* wont sound the same played individually , also set was shorten due from 3 hour live set to 1.19mins ) So i remixed it and recorded shorter version.

Tools Vdj and Numarks Cd decks By Dj TacehT aka ME

I want to give credit to the following artists listed bellow. ( this is just a live set I DJ TacehT remixed with the following)
Set List:
1. Artette — I am (7:36)
2. Mark Knight — Devil walking (7:31)
3. Deadmau5 — Sofi Needs A Ladder (MosDam Remix) (9:12)
4. Deadmau5 — Everything Before (6:36)
5. Fatboy Slim Vs. Thomas Gold — Star 69 (Thomas Gold Remix) (6:11)
6. Faithless — Sun To Me (Mark Knight Co-Production) (7:43)
7. Melleefresh, Deadmau5 — Hey Baby — Adamk Clean Remix (6:20)
8. Dandi & Ugo — Cosmic Sex (Original Mix) (9:18)
9. Max Freegrant — Miss You (Alex Di Stefano Remix) (7:07)
10. Mark Dub — The Evening Sky (Crusada Remix) (8:24)
11. Gio Red — Dark Honey (Original Mix) (7:53)
12. Deadmau5 Feat. Billy Newton-Davis — All You Ever Want (Jackson Q. Remix) (8:41)
13. Deadmau5 — Apply Overnight — Original Mix (5:12)
14. Isaac Rodriguez — Sexy Panther (Original Mix) (6:46)
15. Eelke Kleijn — Blackbox (Dubfire Remix) (9:27)
16. Paul Harris vs. Eurythmics — I want u (8:19)
17. Moby — Wait for me (Paul Kalkbrenner remix) (9:11)
18. Amir — Guernica (8:35)
19. First State Feat. Sarah Howells — Reverie (First State’s Pounding Club Mix) (8:12)
20. Dune samples. ( thank you david lynch for that awesome movie)

To find more mix sets, shows and produced music go to https://djtaceht.wordpress.com

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Tac’ehT Creator of online shows Night Shift, EDM vs IDM ,and Red Deck Diaries.DJ specializing in deep-house∙tech-house∙tribal-house∙techno∙minimal She is also a produces and digital artist whose work can be seen at Deviant Art and her own website, Darkabyss -Productions (darkabyssproductions.com), in addition to her Blog (taceht.com). She currently publishes her own music and debuts it on the popular “External Radio” (externalradio.com), Also can be found on Chew.tv /@taceht or TacehT on Grooveo.com for Live Digital Events and Mixcloud.com (www.mixcloud.com/TacehT)

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