Back from Dallas, TX

Had a great weekend in DAllas, TX, at the Expo, met Adam Baldwin and Ron Glass both very nice guys, the station did well also, Subspace Radio will be returning in MAY How fun is that.. also Shout out to muh Boy Chris Danger had a blast co-hosting with him .. now its time to head back to Seattle.. Next show is 0000 GMT sunday/4pm PDT Saturday .. House style unf be sure to turn in to ill be Mixing live!! yay unf.

Again shout out to Subspace Radio … was awesome to get to hang out again and meet new people i have worked with!!! unf!

I also will be finishing the last track for my cd , so soon i will have the cd up at very soon .

I look forward to seeing how it turns out, if you want a preview you can hit up soundcloud and download the new mix called 5by5