6 hours Music, Fun and Unfs With DJ TacehT 10-13-12

Yes, I will be doing a 6 Hour show this Saturday 13th, first 3 hours will be the EDM beats of unf, with the 2nd half the  loved EBM and Industrial. Time: Saturday 10/13/12 5pm PST (7pm CST/8pm)-0000GMT (sunday) Where:  www.subspace-radio.net

Also dont forget the Halloween bash coming 

On Saturday 10/27/12 5pm PST (7pm CST/8pm)  I will be live on Video, dressed up as “frenzy the clown” ( seen with the photos above ) and will be mixing live… this is your chance to see what i do behind the scenes!.. So make sure you put it on your to do list..tune in  Saturday 10/27/12 .

Time: Saturday 10/27/12 5pm PST (7pm CST/8pm)

Where:  www.subspace-radio.net