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Category: TacehT updates

Five Journeys Vol 4 Mix Tape Series

Five Journeys Vol 4 Mix Tape Series was mixed live and recorded from I had a blast, it was good to plus some really deep dark tracks that got […]

TacehT – Something To Do -9-23-18

  This is just something i felt like doing, trying out new tracks live set was record from you can also download it here TacehT @ Thank you for listening […]

Night Shift ft TacehT

Night Shift ft TacehT is back  and has teamed up with Source: Looking forward to Night Shift on @chewofficial – the DJs’ live streaming community ” target=”_blank”>the reDirect crew with […]

Events, Updates and More

Hello it has been a very long time since i have updated my blog on here. I have many things coming up very soon.. first i would like to state […]

Harmonic Storm Set List 3-3-13 as Requested!

Here you go as requested, The Harmonic Storm Set list …. you heard with Dj TacehT & Dj Kim Set list 1. Subspace Radio – Transition (5:15) Zentriert Ins Antlitz – So F**king Sick (4:22) […]

TacehT In Texas…Is Back

Well… here it is… yep the long trip from Seattle, WA to Dallas, Texas has been done, i do have some photos to help me with this little story . […]

TacehT on the Road!

Today is the day I am Picking up from seattle to drive the long heh very long drive to Dallas texas….. Im excited and sad at the same time however […]

7 days and counting Till Dec 12th

7 days and counting  till I’m taking the long drive from Seattle to Dallas tx, for my relocation…. So i have some final days to pack up, and take the […]