Tac’ehT Birthday Weekend! Saturday 3/9/13 4pm (pst) 6pm (cst) 7pm(est) Sunday 0000(GMT)

Its time for me to be come older ,yep its my birthday this coming weekend… March 10th, so what i planned is on March 9th I will be live on Subspace radio for 2 hours, of the most UNF’licieuse Tech/Electro/Progressive House music your ears can handle… so come join me for the celebration! Saturday 3-9-13 4pm (pst) 6pm (cst) 7pm(est) Sunday 0000(GMT) hope to see you all there!

Other news, also, in 2 weeks time I will have free download of a deep house remix, perfect for chilling out, driving or just want to sit back and listen to some sexy beats.  Take a listen to That Nerd Show Me (Tac’ehT) MARCUS, and BRENDAN talk about up coming nerd news, and The Battlestar Galactica Show – Should Blood and Chrome be a show   to listen click ——–> Battlestar Galactica– Should Blood and Chrome

DJ @ subspace-radio
Radio Host @That Nerd Show
DJ @ Entropy Group

New Music to download and more!

I just would like to say i had this blog almost done then  lovely safari decided to crap and now i get to start over yay!

so here we go.

I would like to first thank everyone who tuned in for my live show on subspace-radio.net on 1-8-2012 the support you guys had for my extremely crazy experimental set i did for 3 hours i have to say im surprised and well pleased you guys enjoyed it.. and requested you guys wanted to be able to download the set.. well here it is… i have it ad free for your musical listening pleasure

Download live set with DJ 1-8-2012 just go to the free mp3 download button and bam you are set, it will also let you if you right-click to choose to import into any player you use.

If you like last.fm http://www.last.fm/music/TacehT more music you can download for free.

Now on to the 2nd part of this update..

I will be attending  with subspace-radio the Dallas, Texas sci-fi expo, (http://www.scifiexpo.com/DCC/sfx.html)

February 11-12, 2012 Saturday 11:00AM – 6:00PM, and Sunday 11:00AM – 4:00PM. We subspace radio have a table at the expo and will be broadcasting live I myself will be there and looking forward to saying hello and hanging out with everyone so please DONT BE SHY!

How to find us well there is what our banner looks like at subspace radio 

again everyone thank you very much for all your support i you guys are what makes me keep dj-ing and doing my art thank you my muses! couldn’t do it with out you all!