News with a cup of update.

Its come time to say good by to some of the websites I own. I suppose some would ask why, well geez why do I need so many websites when I can honestly just combine them?
Its cheaper, easier to maintain and well to be honest… I need easier… with everything im involving myself in I need to keep some organize state no?

well here is the list…
To find all music, artwork is the main site..
My radio station is still alive, you can find that at

I do want to stay thank you to everyone who has been supporting me threw when i first started back in 1999 i have had that site for ages now.. i plan on keeping it even longer 🙂

I will however be making more changes and uploads to bring new music to everyone, im also going to go head and get the album i been working on for a while on to and some other sites to buy at a very low rate and also T-shirts and other items will come with in time..

So till then