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Category: Random

PC vs Virus with TacehT

First off I want to say sorry to everyone who was looking forward to the show, unfortunately I ended up having some really bad pc issues during Ten Tribble Nation, […]

Thoughts and Words by TacehT

and ….. here we go. I dont have alot to add at the moment however.. i do have new music to ad to my set this coming saturday normally everyone […]

Dreams in the Dark CD Promo

Dreams in the Dark CD promo limited time free download. CD is coming soon!! updates to come!! Enjoy!! Dreams in the Dark CD (preview) by TacehT hugs and unfs .. […]

News with a cup of update.

Its come time to say good by to some of the websites I own. I suppose some would ask why, well geez why do I need so many websites when […]

Todays log( beep beep)

Well not a whole lot is going on the music front, I am currently still working on my album, I decided to call it “Travel Side” for multi reasons.. I […]

What music do you like?

Me i enjoy alot of different styles of music tho my love does stay with the more dance style.. house and trance and yes cant leave out the dark side […]