TacehT’s Update

Hello, to all I wanted to give an update, as some know (not all) I have been off and on sick since I moved back (been Month 2 weeks) to Dallas, Tx and not everyone knows, I do have Severe Asthma mostly maintainable however due to being ill and trying to adjust back to Texas climate from Seattle climate  has taken its toll on me. So while durning the Scifi Expo this Past weekend (9th /10th) was cut short for me. I was admitted into the hospital Feb 10th Sunday for an asthma attack and low O2 lvls, however I am doing just fine now (110% better than i was), I was held for 24 hours so they could observe me and get my O2 levels back to normal and then released, however I do need a little time to recover to get back to my normal bouncy self ,so for that to happen i have a little more recovering time, durning this time I will not be doing my live show on subspace radio this coming Saturday 16th , however I will be sure to make it up to everyone. I am still interviewing this STO’s Lead Content Designer GoatShark Feb 13th  the air date will be announced soon!

I want to thank everyone at Subspace Radio for their support and all the Management staff (for going over and beyond helping me while in the hospital) and DJs for the well wishes and kicks in the butt to hurry up and get better, and for all the listeners out there thank you so much for the support and get well wishes ( i wont get to mushy lol ) it really means a lot to me to see so much support, Thank You Very Much! But don’t worry the good times are not over. I will be back very soon! and will announce my  up coming events and shows and also convention events.

till then, unfs and hugs…..


DJ @ subspace-radio

PC vs Virus with TacehT

First off I want to say sorry to everyone who was looking forward to the show, unfortunately I ended up having some really bad pc issues during Ten Tribble Nation, thinking I had it fixed turns out I didn’t.. I had  a virus that was causing all my programs to use all memory and cpu.. it was nuts.. with that it was causing me not to be able to do my show today, however the good news is I think I have it under control still more things to run and make sure programs I had to install are all back up to par, but I will be back for my show on the June 9th  same time same place, also look out for me during the week if possible I will grab a cover to make up to everyone for not being able to get on.

I just want to give a major shout out to all the ssr listeners and there support.. you guys and gals ROCK!

Up coming shows:

June 9th

Cosmix Abyss
(0000/GMT) Sunday
5pm Saturday PST (7pm CST/8pm EST)

Thoughts and Words by TacehT

and ….. here we go. I dont have alot to add at the moment however.. i do have new music to ad to my set this coming saturday normally everyone knows me on Subspace-Radio as the party DJ, This is true… but little bit bout the how to prepare for a set to make sure no one gets board is one of the hardest things to do. Its almost like you guess, read the crowd find the mood, set ends up changing. But I have to say i do enjoy the challenge.  If a dj ever says ohh well i learned all i can, i feel that limiting.. Music is always changing even if you think it sounds the same.. years go by and genres  will merge something new will pop out like a music baby. I think that the more we open our mind to the styles and understanding what music does for us we might be able to really bring out the best in a day. Well unless the RAW RAW music is needed hehe.. But never a less.. As I go threw new music… my ideas are growing like a weed… so i hope everyone enjoys this next show.

Shout-outs: This goes out to Umek  I have always enjoyed his music and style and merging his ideas into my own mixes, Thank you!! KEEP it up! — TacehT  

Also for those who want to voice yourself, and give out input on my show we have a survey it doesn’t take too long Im #22 in the list TacehT Cosmic Abyss  please feel free to voice yourself and thank you for taking the time to fill it out.  just go to this link—>  Subspace Radio Survey

Cosmix Abyss
(0000/GMT) Sunday
5pm Saturday PDT (7pm CDT/8pm EDT)

Dreams in the Dark CD Promo

Dreams in the Dark CD promo

limited time free download.

CD is coming soon!! updates to come!!


Dreams in the Dark CD (preview) by TacehT
hugs and unfs .. TacehT

News with a cup of update.

Its come time to say good by to some of the websites I own. I suppose some would ask why, well geez why do I need so many websites when I can honestly just combine them?
Its cheaper, easier to maintain and well to be honest… I need easier… with everything im involving myself in I need to keep some organize state no?

well here is the list…
To find all music, artwork www.darkabyssproductions.com is the main site..
My radio station is still alive, you can find that at www.externalradio.com

I do want to stay thank you to everyone who has been supporting me threw when i first started darkabyssproductions.com back in 1999 i have had that site for ages now.. i plan on keeping it even longer 🙂

I will however be making more changes and uploads to bring new music to everyone, im also going to go head and get the album i been working on for a while on to amazon.com and some other sites to buy at a very low rate and also T-shirts and other items will come with in time..

So till then


Todays log( beep beep)

Well not a whole lot is going on the music front, I am currently still working on my album, I decided to call it “Travel Side” for multi reasons.. I felt it would be fitting, also have part of the album work done.. still much more to do hopping I can get it all done by the end of this month, but we will see.

Not Much else to report at the moment but more updates soon.

What music do you like?

Me i enjoy alot of different styles of music tho my love does stay with the more dance style.. house and trance and yes cant leave out the dark side  dubstep and dnb and also industrial …. i still find other genes of music to equally give me the ideas and uplift me like no other..

so my poll i have made i would like to know what others think!!

Favorite Genre of Music