DJ TacehT live on Subspace Radio 4-6-12 8pm Friday PDT (9pm CDT/10pm EDT) 0300 GMT

Hey Hey … Im going to be on tonight live after Jaygatz. I thought Why not, since there wasnt a dJ on after Jaygatz i would go head and keep the music thumping so make sure you tune into night..  See ya there 🙂

The Schedule : Jaygatz goes on at 5pm  (7pm CDT/8pm EDT) 0000 GMT  —–   TacehT (ME) 8pm (9pm CDT/10pm EDT) 0300 GMT

 (yes i will be djing on my normal slot on saturday)
Cosmix Abyss
(0000/GMT) Sunday
5pm Saturday PDT (7pm CDT/8pm EDT)