Sunday update… News and Thoughts

WOW what a weekend so far.. Friday ended up doing a 6 hour set on  turned out to be alot of fun, all the listeners were awesome having a great time they even helped with donations thus helps us stay on air. Big thank you to everyone who has supported subspace radio.  you can catch the very long lol rewind at  ( its listed at  ) —–> Saturday 03:00 7th of April 2012  then not too soon after.. was back on normal time slot Saturday did some psytrance, then some progressive trance to tech house, good times to be had a that point as well. i have to say “I GOT THE BEATS IN SIDE MY HEAD AND THEY WONT LET ME GO TO BED” hah it was great… looking forward to hitting the stream full force this coming Saturday.

for thos who want to listen to past shows i have uploaded you can find them on

Live sets

Cosmix Abyss
(0000/GMT) Sunday
5pm Saturday PDT (7pm CDT/8pm EDT)