PC vs Virus with TacehT

First off I want to say sorry to everyone who was looking forward to the show, unfortunately I ended up having some really bad pc issues during Ten Tribble Nation, thinking I had it fixed turns out I didn’t.. I had  a virus that was causing all my programs to use all memory and cpu.. it was nuts.. with that it was causing me not to be able to do my show today, however the good news is I think I have it under control still more things to run and make sure programs I had to install are all back up to par, but I will be back for my show on the June 9th  same time same place, also look out for me during the week if possible I will grab a cover to make up to everyone for not being able to get on.

I just want to give a major shout out to all the ssr listeners and there support.. you guys and gals ROCK!

Up coming shows:

June 9th

Cosmix Abyss
(0000/GMT) Sunday
5pm Saturday PST (7pm CST/8pm EST)