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TacehT In Texas…Is Back

Well… here it is… yep the long trip from Seattle, WA to Dallas, Texas has been done, i do have some photos to help me with this little story .
As i leave Seattle, cloudly winter

now here is the porland bridge, kinda cool the sun came out for bout ohh 20 mins .. then went away .

DJ Darwin in his little riding post Darwin + blanket+ clothes hammer+ pillow = maine coon traveling carrier. he grew out of his other carrier lol

The famous uhaul face, this is the face everyone has when driving a huge uhaul with a car on the back… not very easy. this is my best friend david he went on the trip with me.

Day one finished 🙂

California-Oregon Border. still so pretty Day 2

Hornbrook, CA very pretty area.. we had to drive over some mountains still so far nice drive!


Dj Darwin Prairie doggin heheh 🙂

Yeah very bumpy Ride lol

 Tehachapi, CA Got Wind Mills?

hersheys kiss — at Mojave Desert.

Darwin is good at making himself at home lol

Phoenix AZ,  half way to Texas Day 3

666 miles to go lmao wtf?

things i found in texas lmao Day 4/5

well by this time it was a very long long… drive.. not much to see after northern cali drove threw the Mojave  i do have some other photos from my other camera ill be uploading soon

Trip took 5 days….

So yes im back in texas.. hope you liked the short story of the trip…

for those wondering when i will be back live on Subspace Radio, I will be officially back Dec 29th 2012

Live From Dallas TX
Time: Saturday 12/29/12 4pm pst (6pm cst/7pm est) 0000 GMT

Till then see you guys soon! unfs and hugs!

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