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Why I have been MIA from

I have been asked by a few people why I have stopped djing live on Well for now its for a few reasons:
  • You have to pay for an account to broadcast video. Some people say don’t need video but in a way you do because it make sit much more personable when people can see you. Just like why i left to Soundcloud is over priced and limited on what they let you upload Mixcloud gives you freedom and the option to have more.(But this isnt the main reason why i am not active like i was on
  • Main Reason: I run my own radio station, also dj on another radio station as well as manage. ( this does take time away from getting on with this limitation on free account when i can broadcast video from my own radio  station.) I do have a lot of current projects that need to be finished including my new EP and some artwork i have put off.
Now i do not mean the website any ill words, its a great site for people who want to connect with other DJs, i have in fact made great contacts and friends from the site, however just with everything i have my hands into i do not have enough time in the day to manage at this time.
      • Will i ever get back on
Yes I’m sure I will at some point at some random time.  When I have the free time.  I will also visit from time to time. Never know i can surprise ya! 🙂
      • Does Night Shift still exists ?
Yes it does on my Station and as well as on
I do hope this explains  little more why i have been MIA from  this however doesn’t tend to keep me away 100% but for now i have to spend the time on the current projects at hand i do hope people understand.
 Here is some events that are current.
Name of shows & times:
Timezone – Central Standard Time
I have 2 shows I will be doing  on External Radio
  • Sunday Night Delight : House Genre genre show mixed live Bi-weekly Show on Sundays 8pm (cst)/9pm (est)
  • Red Deck Diaries: (Parental Advisory) show broadcasted (multi-genre) mixed live 1 a month
Also Weekly show on
  • Night Shift:House genre show mixed live weekly Thursdays 7pm -8pm CST
for more information  subscribe  to my twitter for more updates when i will be doing live shows @TacehT
TacehT on Youtube
TacehT on
DJ @ Entropy Group


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