Why I have been MIA from Mixify.com

I have been asked by a few people why I have stopped djing live on Mixify.com. Well for now its for a few reasons:
  • You have to pay for an account to broadcast video. Some people say don’t need video but in a way you do because it make sit much more personable when people can see you. Just like why i left Soundcloud.com to Mixcloud.com Soundcloud is over priced and limited on what they let you upload Mixcloud gives you freedom and the option to have more.(But this isnt the main reason why i am not active like i was on mixify.com)
  • Main Reason: I run my own radio station, also dj on another radio station as well as manage. ( this does take time away from getting on mixify.com with this limitation on free account when i can broadcast video from my own radio  station.) I do have a lot of current projects that need to be finished including my new EP and some artwork i have put off.
Now i do not mean the website any ill words, its a great site for people who want to connect with other DJs, i have in fact made great contacts and friends from the site, however just with everything i have my hands into i do not have enough time in the day to manage mixify.com at this time.
      • Will i ever get back on mixify.com?
Yes I’m sure I will at some point at some random time.  When I have the free time.  I will also visit from time to time. Never know i can surprise ya! 🙂
      • Does Night Shift still exists ?
Yes it does on my Station externalradio.com and as well as on budgiecollective.com
I do hope this explains  little more why i have been MIA from Mixify.com  this however doesn’t tend to keep me away 100% but for now i have to spend the time on the current projects at hand i do hope people understand.
 Here is some events that are current.
Name of shows & times:
Timezone – Central Standard Time
I have 2 shows I will be doing  on External Radio
  • Sunday Night Delight : House Genre genre show mixed live Bi-weekly Show on Sundays 8pm (cst)/9pm (est)
  • Red Deck Diaries: (Parental Advisory) show broadcasted (multi-genre) mixed live 1 a month
Also Weekly show on BudgieCollective.com
  • Night Shift:House genre show mixed live weekly Thursdays 7pm -8pm CST
for more information  subscribe  to my twitter for more updates when i will be doing live shows @TacehT
TacehT on Youtube
TacehT on Last.fm
DJ @ Entropy Group


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Tac’ehT Creator of online shows Night Shift, EDM vs IDM ,and Red Deck Diaries.DJ specializing in deep-house∙tech-house∙tribal-house∙techno∙minimal She is also a produces and digital artist whose work can be seen at Deviant Art and her own website, Darkabyss -Productions (darkabyssproductions.com), in addition to her Blog (taceht.com). She currently publishes her own music and debuts it on the popular “External Radio” (externalradio.com), Also can be found on Chew.tv /@taceht or TacehT on Grooveo.com for Live Digital Events and Mixcloud.com (www.mixcloud.com/TacehT)

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