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Category: Live Sets

Unf unf to the BEAT BEAT

Hello to all, well i got the set up and ready for download and just stream if you like, i did cut out some of the ads and talking however […]

New Music to download and more!

I just would like to say i had this blog almost done then  lovely safari decided to crap and now i get to start over yay! so here we go. […]

DJ TacehT live on

Mixing live on on Oct 6th 2011, the radio ads have been cut from the set to bring you nothing but music. I want to thank everyone at subspace […]

Spin Spin till you cant Spin no mo!

I am pleased to announce I do have 1 new live recorded set I have completed and one Demo im currently working on however mostly finished.. they are on the […]

Sins and Virtues live set New

ME + no Sleep+ Traktor + my Mp3 harddrive VS mind set sun in eyes = 1 hour love set 🙂 Sins and Virtues By taceht love set 3/6/11 that […]

Paper Doll Set

Well I finished the Paper Doll set, I like it… I have to say I’m little more pleased with it than some of older mixes I have done…download or stream  […]